JustRun, the organizer of The CandyRun5K is now a SIGNATURE recognized for the organization of themed-races events around the world.

Through its dedication and degree of perfectionism, our team of passionate people has for mission to organize events of the highest quality and to offer an exceptional and memorable customer experience to all participants.


Among the elements that make CandyRun5K a leader in the organization of fun themed-races

Registration platform

CandyRun5K has developed its own online registration platform to make your life easier. A powerful, user-friendly and easy-to-use system, it allows you to keep your tickets online, purchase VIP tickets, make changes and also transfer your tickets free of charge to another person. Our platform is recognized as one of the best and most secure in the industry.


CandyRun5K makes it a point to regularly communicate relevant information and documents regarding your participation to our event. Before, during and after the race, you will be informed of everything you need to know, by email, SMS and on our Facebook page. All important information is communicated to you promptly.

Fast and efficient customer service

CandyRun5K has a multidisciplinary customer service team. Although our Question and Answer system is quite comprehensive, we respond quickly to customer requests, often within hours, by email or on our Facebook pages. According to a survey of participants, CandyRun5K has one of the best customer service in the running industry.

Organizing Committe

Organizing a running event requires a team of experts with remarkable qualities and a real passion for events. Let's talk numbers. To organize a CandyRun5K , more than 20 employees, nearly 30 consultants and more than 200 volunteers are involved. CandyRun5K is an international company that recruits local staff, resources and suppliers to organize its events.

Detailed Runner's Guide

The runner's guide produced by CandyRun5K is simply the 8th wonder of the world. Everything you need to know to fully enjoy your event is included and explained in this guide. EVERYTHING... about how to get to the site, what to wear and bring, the day's proceedings and so much more. Easy to read, the PDF reading format is accessible on computer, mobile or tablet. You will be impressed by the layout. The most beautiful guide in the industry for the most beautiful participant. Nothing less!


CandyRun5K is the initiator of one of the largest volunteer movements in the world of running. Our volunteers are treated like kings, we and our participants are so grateful to them. They are so dedicated, experienced and passionate that many of them participate with us to multiple events. Would you like to join the team? If so, a high quality volunteer guide will be sent to you explaining all the activities and positions. Not to mention the incredible loyalty program with free tickets for a race!



CandyRun5K has reinvented the way to take pictures at sporting events. Our slogan sums it up very well, ``Creator of sporting emotions``. Our team of professional photographers has for mission to take as many emotional photos as possible. We are talking here about several thousand pictures. As soon as possible, they will review and process each of them individually for outstanding quality. All this is FREE on our Facebook page where you can download your high-resolution photos!

Parking and transport shuttles

We do everything in our power to facilitate access to the event. All our events offer clearly marked parking areas. If, for logistical reasons, these areas are far from the site, we offer free round trip shuttle service to participants and visitors.

Registration area

CandyRun5K makes it a point of honour that participants do not wait long in the queue in the check-in area. To speed up the delivery of racing bibs, bracelets and T-shirts, CandyRun5K uses a proprietary technology installed on digital tablets to quickly find a participant in the ticketing service. This highly efficient system greatly accelerates the registration process. A whole team of cheerful volunteers is assigned to check-in to provide you with an exceptional customer experience.

Racing bibs and T-shirts

We understand that your participation in a CandyRun5K event is an important decision for your well-being. On race day, we would like to highlight this by giving you your personalized runner's kit. In addition, CandyRun5K is renowned for creating unique, high quality T-shirts you will be proud to wear for a long time.

Bag depot

At each event, the CandyRun5K team sets up a secure area for your bags to be deposited. This area is protected from bad weather and allows you to leave your personal belongings in order to start your race with peace of mind. The service is FREE... a big smile will suffice!.

Festival area

Our events stand out with a very lively festival area. It includes everything; from a boutique, make-up artists, exhibitors, background music, inflatable games for children, a photobooth, a stage for entertainment, a tasting area and sometimes Food Trucks. Visitors will be entertained before welcoming you to the finish line.

Entertainment & Music

CandyRun5K only works with the best. Funny, lively, catchy, motivating, our entertainers make all the difference. They are simply unbelievable. The starting line and the first 100m will make you vibrate from the inside with thousands of watts of music that will propel you like a rocket. Not to mention our DJ in the festival area!


Avec l’aide de notre partenaire Sportstats, la plus grande compagnie de chronométrage au Monde, le chronométrage de votre course sera assuré d’une grande précision. Travailler avec Sportstats c’est plus que recevoir un temps de course; c’est aussi obtenir un service hautement personnalisé. Vous pouvez recevoir vos temps de course en temps réel, les partager à vos amis sur Facebook, récupérer votre temps directement sur Internet ou encore, profiter de la zone d’affichage dans la zone festival.

Race course

Our course team is absolutely fantastic. They organize everything with meticulous care to ensure discovery, pleasure and SAFETY for the participants. You can run or walk the 5km distance as you wish. The order of arrival is of no importance, it is the pleasure that counts... and also to satisfy your sweet tooth. The path is well marked out and our team is on site for added support.

Medical team

Safety and quick response in the event of problems are the priority of the organizing committee. CandyRun5K takes nothing for granted and leaves nothing to chance. We work with specialized companies renowned for their expertise, the quality of their services and their speed of intervention. The team is composed of a multidisciplinary paramedics and other health professionals. We are working with local stakeholders such as ambulance attendants, firefighters and police officers to coordinate the smooth running of the event.

4 Candy zones and toilets

All CandyRun5K events are organized according to the highest standards of excellence. On the race course, you will find 2 water supply stations and our 4 famous candy zones, each with their own theme, which welcome you at 1 km intervals along the path. Other water points and toilets are located near the festival area.

Finish line and medal celebration

You are ready to cross the finish line with your arms in the air and a great satisfaction of having successfully completed your challenge. Emotions are high, with the music and congratulations from your loved ones it's time to receive your CandyRun5K medal. It is unique, original and so beautiful. Now have fun, relax and enjoy the ambiance in the festival zone.


Now that the race is over and you have stocked up on treats of all kinds, head to the Photobooth area with your medal around your neck to immortalize your success, it's free. We install a huge CandyRun5K photo background and our expert photographers will guide you to capture the magical moment. You can find and upload your photos on our Facebook page. Smile... tens of thousands of people are watching you!

Menu gourmand

Maintenant que le vedettariat est fini, que vous avez signé des autographes, que tous vos amis, la famille, votre chien et chat vous ont félicité, peut-être même avez-vous reçu un appel du Premier ministre qui vous vous a dit Bravo et comment il s’est senti fier de vous voir représenter notre pays, il est temps de déguster notre menu gourmand. Un repas que vous ne pourrez pas oublier ! Tout cela concocté avec les produits du terroir.

* Pas inclus avec toutes les courses.

Remise des podiums et des bourses

On vous surnomme la gazelle, peut-être parce que vous courez très vite. Tellement vite que vous avez réussi à monter sur le podium de votre catégorie de distance. Et bien, si c’est le cas, BRAVO. Vous méritez des surprises et votre médaille de gagnant.

Giving donations

Did you know that by participating in our event, a portion of the proceeds goes to a local charity? So, you have fun, you enjoy yourself and moreover you support the cause sponsored by CandyRun5K in your community.


It's time to go home...

What a fabulous day you will remember for a very long time. On our side, it is mission accomplished! The entire CandyRun5K team worked hard for months to provide you with an exceptional experience. We hope you've enjoyed your event and count on you to share it on social media. Of course, we invite you to come back with your friends again and again.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We are so dedicated to the success of our event that we will not tolerate any dissatisfaction. NONE! If you're not satisfied, for any reason... contact us. We will be happy to discuss it and you will benefit from our 100% satisfaction guarantee or a new race for free!